Pettibone is totally dedicated to material-handling equipment.
In the 1950s, we revolutionized the job site with the world's first forward-reaching, rough-terrain machines.
Pettibone takes the time to make each machine one by one at our plant in Michigan.

About Pettibone
Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, Pettibone LLC is the parent of many independent operating companies which produce a wide array of equipment and products. The independent business concept fosters entrepreneurship and growth. It is consistent with our philosophy of developing a close customer contact to provide prompt, responsive service and to meet our customer's changing needs.
Equipment and products are marketed domestically through a direct sales force, manufacturer's representatives and an established network of independent dealers. Internationally, Pettibone sells in more than 60 countries through an independent distributor network, company sales representatives, licensees and agents.
Pettibone has evolved into five operational groups of core business which are profit and cash-flow generators with a lean, experienced management team at the corporate level, group level and each of the operating units. Most of the companies in these groups are leading suppliers in their respective industries, some produce premium products and provide outstanding services and others are known as technological pioneers. The Company is diverse, but each group and unit has a solid management base, product/market niches and efficient manufacturing capabilities.
Vehicle K4x4
Vehicle K6x6

Внедорожные траспортные средства
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