It was founded in Thessaloniki in 1922 (its origins being even older, from a workshop involved in metal processing and church bell manufacture, the bell being the company logo to this date) but in 1948 moved its headquarters to Athens.
It manufactures, modifies, distributes and supports a wide range of automotive products including automobiles, trucks, buses, generating sets, diesel engines, boats, outboard engines, agricultural, earthmoving and industrial equipment.
Petropoulos (the full name of the company is Petros Petropoulos A.E.B.E. ) is one of the 'historic' Greek engine and vehicle manufacturers .
Before WWII it engaged in sales of commercial vehicles as well as rebuilding of engines and truck assembly. After WWII it assembled U.S. Jeeps and truck types, and in 1956 it introduced 'its own' farm tractor family (Petropoulos models -35 and -55, built for years) which were actually based on U.S. International Harvester designs. Other fields included engines (it became one of the leading Greek Diesel engine manufacturers, at some point the second largest after Malkotsis), generators, forklift trucks (the well-known Dynalift family of models) and 4x4 trucks - all of own design and development. Its 'smart' 4x4 Unitrak/Polytrak/ Militrak family was introduced in 1976 and found many uses around the country including the Greek military (Militrak, in limited numbers). Truck production ceased in 1984, while the company successfully diversified into other areas including imports and services. An effort was made in 1994 to resume truck production, based on a Swiss (Bucher) design as Militrak II Duro , however the proposed vehicle was not adopted by the Greek army.

Kostas Petropoulos
Petropoulos history. Tmeline
History. 1922 - 2013
Structure & Management Mr.D. Onopas., Mr. A. Manolis., Mr. T. Anagnostopoulos., Mr. G. Papadopoulos
Exclusive distribution of Briggs & Stratton diesel engines, Northstar plastic boats, CAN-AM, and BombardierТs All Terrain Vehicle. The Company also acquired Exide TechnologiesТ Greek subsidiary, Exide Technologies AEE, and Pisimisis AEBE.
2001 - 2003
A strategic alliance was made with Canadian Bombardier, that acquired the Johnson and Evinrude outboard motor business, for the distribution in Greece of the full range of recreational products including Sea-Doo Personal Watercrafts. Exclusive distribution of McCormick and Belarus agricultural equipment and O&K and Unit Rig large excavators.
Distribution of Isuzu pickup trucks.

1992 - 2000
Enhancement of service capabilities (investment in SEMKA), of information systems (renewal and expansion of computer hardware) and in management information and incentive systems. During this period Petros Petropoulos AEBE achieved a considerable improvement in its financial results. Exclusive distribution of Evinrude outboard motors, Zodiac boats, Isuzu 4x4 passenger vehicles, Hyster forklift trucks, and Tennant floor cleaning machines. Entry into the Athens Stock Exchange. Acquisition and absorption of Mecmotors Hellas that manufactures Ruggerini diesel engines. Petros Petropoulos AEBE secured the long-term use of buildings and grounds of approximately 9.000 sq adjacent to its premises on Iera Odos.
1972 - 1991
Pioneers in the design and manufacture of the Greek vehicle Polytrak. Manufacture of Lombardini motors. Re-entry in the truck and bus industry with Mack and Scania. Improvement of Petros Petropoulos AEBE's position in Greece's general construction equipment and mining sectors with the introduction of Wagner , Terex and Ingersoll-Rand products. Entry into the outboard motors sector with the introduction of Johnson as well as the electronics sector with Texas Instruments and National Semiconductors.
1952 - 1971
Pioneers in diesel engines (Perkins), manufacture of tractors International Harvester , generating sets (Petrogen) and tunnel boaring equipment (TBM Robbins).
1922 - 1951
Assembly of Willys Overland automobiles, Diamond T and International trucks and buses. Reconditioning of internal combustion motors in Thessaloniki and also in Athens as of 1948.
The Petropoulos family has been involved in metal constructions for generations. Konstantinos Petropoulos was a well known manufacturer of church bells and metal products in the late 19th century, based in Amfissa and, later, in Lamia. According to tradition, there was a supposed well-kept "secret" behind the sound quality of the Petropoulos bells Ц the bell being today the recognizable company logo.
The company in its present form was founded by Petros Petropoulos in Thessaloniki in 1922. Early activities included sales of commercial vehicles as well as rebuilding of engines and vehicle assembly. This early construction activity invlolved assembly of Ford (1920s) and Willys-Overland (1930s) passenger cars, and Diamond T and International trucks (1930s). The Petropoulos factory was put under German control during the Axis occupation of Greece in WWII. The company resumed business after the war, and in 1948 it moved its headquarters to Athens, where it already had created a subsidiary.

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