Perlini or Perlini Equipment SpA is an Italian off-road dump truck/lorry manufacturer.
Perlini was founded (as Officine Meccaniche Perlini) by Roberto Perlini in 1957. Before producing its own trucks, Perlini modified road vehicles, adding extra axles and building tanks for bulk materials
In 1961 Perlini produced its first off-road hauler, and 1970 the thousandth vehicle was product.
In 1985, as Perlini International, the company lauched the 131-33 all-terrain model, the bestselling Perlini vehicle.

Perlini: 50 years of success
This AIS was built by Baribbi on a Perlini International 605.D chassis and it was delivered to the Italian Fire Service in the early 80s. The maker's designation was IDS 11500 "Iguana". The vehicle is 9.3 m long, 3.2 m wide and 3.5 meters high and it weights 31,500 Kg. Power is provided by two rear-mounted GM 6V-71N General Motors engines arranged in a twin unit developing 383 kW and driving a 4 X 4 combination through an automatic transmission. The Allison transfer that distributes the engine power to the axles has three modes of operation: it can use the power from both engine to drive the transmission or can use one motor for movement and the other to power the water pump. The left engine has an automatic control that keeps a constant 1600 rpm output, while the other has a manual throttle. The AIS has a max speed of 100 km/h and it can accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in 40 s. The cab can accomodate three men, but it usually carries only two operators. The firefighting system has automatic and semiautomatic valve control. The left part of the dashboard with the valve controls swings toward the driver to allow operation with a one man in the cab. The vehicle carries 10,000 litres of water and 1,500 litres of Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate. The roof monitor is power assisted by three electric motors that control azimuth, elevation and foam pattern selector. Four undertruck nozzles are available for self protection. A reel with 30 m of hose is mounted on each side. The hose reel assembly swings out giving a 180∞ coverage. The vehicle is equipped with two 70 mm outlets, two 100 mm inlets for connetions to hydrants and one 150 mm inlet which can feed the pump from an external water source through a suction line. The standard Aeronautica Militare Italiana heavy crash tender was manufactured by Bergomi S.p.A. on a Perlini International chassis. There are two versions: the 605.D Diesel-powered chassis and the gasoline-powered B.503 chassis.
PERLINI 105 F - (4 x 4) - УRED TIGERФ
ЂUnaceaї, dichiara Maurizio Perlini, presidente della societa, Ђha saputo sviluppare una rappresentanza categoriale capace di valorizzare la qualita del prodotto italiano e di rappresentare con autorevolezza il settore in Italia e all'estero; per questo abbiamo deciso di aderireї.
Fiat selbst stellte keine Fahrzeuge mit Vorlauf- oder Nachlauf-Achsen her. Solche Fahrzeuge (z.B. Fiat 643 oder Fiat 682 als 6x2 Dreiachser - siehe Prospekt unten) sind Umbauten von darauf spezialsierten Karosseriebauern wie Fresia, Perlini, Battaglino oder Viberti, um nur ein paar der Wichtigsten zu nennen. The standard Aeronautica Militare Italiana heavy crash tender was manufactured by Bergomi S.p.A" on a Perlini International chassis.

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