The company was founded more than 200 years ago by the Paul family in Vilshofen/Zeitlarn as blackshmith's shop and wainwright's. Today, PAUL is among the market leaders in the special vehicle construction sector.
For generations, the name Paul is connected with services for commercial vehicles. From a smithery over 200 years ago the Paul Group was founded where today tradition is combined with state-of-the-art expertise and know-how.
During the 1990s, the success story for the company division "Special Trucks & Chassis" started with the development and production of self-steering axles for Mercedes-Benz trucks. Over decades, the family business which is owner-managed up to the present day has acquired a leading position in the development of chassis modifications, axle installations and custom products.
In February 2013, company owner Josef Paul established the preconditions for the expansion of the booming niche segment. At Albersdorf near Vilshofen on the Danube he bought an area of nine hectares. From March 2014 to Summer 2015, the latest manufacturing facilities for special-purpose vehicle production has been built, among them a production building of 22,500 square meters for the company's own special-purpose vehicle production, a tire storage and a two-storied administrative building.
The Josef Paul GmbH & Co. KG with its largest service center for commercial vehicles in the area is also part of the company group. The service center which was built in 2006 and which is seated in the commercial area of Passau-Sperrwies has developed into a competent partner with multiple brands for trucks, vans and passenger cars as well as for buses and coaches. At Sperrwies and at a second location at Vilshofen a host of services and workshop tasks such as repair and maintenance work can be carried out for vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz, Setra and MAN brands in best manufacturer quality and according to the manufacturersТ certification standards.
At the moment, there are approximately 330 employees working for the Paul Group, including around 40 apprentices. There are approximately 170 employees of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH in the divisions vehicle construction, service and sales and another approximately 160employees, who are working in administration, sales and in the workshops of the two service centers of Josef Paul GmbH & Co. KG.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Vehicles
Mercedes-Benz concept vehicles
In addition to providing a wide range of military trucks,Daimler AGТs Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is a supplier of complete running chassis to other contractors, who then apply their own bodies. The latter can be armoured or normal military cargo truck-type bodies to the rear of the engine compartment. The design of the FGA 14.5 chassis is such that it can take a body and its associated crew and subsystems with a maximum weight of 8.5 tonnes. The development and production of the chassis enable Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks to offer a much wider range of truck chassis for military and civilian requirements. The company continues to supply its UNIMOG chassis, which is used by a large number of contractors. The Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Dingo All Protected Vehicle, of which more than 1,000 have now been built for the home and export markets, employs a UNIMOG 4x4 chassis, while the 6x6 version is used for an export customer for the Nexter Systems CAESAR 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled artillery system.
Gibrid Vehicle, Agrotruck,

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