PT 44 was developed and built by Pacific Technology IADSA for the Republic of Indonesia.

In Trucks Using Indonesian made: Steyr Diesel Engine, ZF Gear Box, British Leyland Cab.
The Indonesia Army testing PT44 Maesa High Mobility Truck at Army Testing Ground in Ambal Central Java: Sand obstacle, Rough Terrain, 60% Slope climb, Stop and Go In Climb test,80 and 100 cm Of Water Moat, Pulling
Department of Defense (Dod) developed a vehicle capable of transporting troops or military equipment as well as logistics, together with PT.PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY IADSA create rantis PT44 Maesa (Kebo) can operated any type of terrain standard NATO.
Rantis PT44 Maesa "Kebo" is designed to be able to solve the issue of stockpiling device load up to TNI that as long as this always didatangkan from abroad.
PT44 Maesa has a heavy dirty 9 tons and capable of hauling a load up to 4 tons, has a maximum velocity until 105 Km/hour. Besides capable of moving in all terrain that this truck is also capable of operating in all weather.
The perks of other than PT44 Maesa is the use of suspension is an independent standard NATO, with the system suspension independent this allows the kebo metal to run in a stable in various conditions of the road, be it on the street smooth beraspal up to the field's heavy though, a system of suspension used is PT34 Independent Suspension System that's been adopted system suspension vehicle military middle class.
PT44 Maesa-made native son of the South, designed as a vehicle pick up personnel and artillery carriers were capable of maneuvering in all terrain. One designed it, Mr. Sharsono, designer of ISS (Independent Suspension System) and order / chasis to give any information concerning the rantis results design.
PT44 Maesa is the Truck of All the Field that is special in designed for the transport of goods and troops. Truck PT44 Maesa had the resources load up as big as 4000 Pounds. Operating system is suspension-free set up on all four wheels this makes the vehicle tactical this can travels 1.5 times faster in across the fields and streets damaged than with a vehicle which is similar in weightlessness, power and big tires the same but using the system suspension is conventional (leaf springs and Rigid Axel).
A cavity under the truck very much and the height thanks to the use of the operating system is suspension-free, different with the trucks that use the system suspension is conventional where gardannya protruding out under the vehicle, reduce the latitude to move out of the lane or the road is damaged because it is prone to impact by stones or objects big get in the way. The transport of goods is fitted with a bench seat made of choice metal or hardwood as a place of sitting the troops and tools. The top of the tub stuff comes with the framework iron is sturdy and covered tarp to protect passengers from the rain and scorching sun.
System suspension free artificial Pacific Technology IADSA's been a long time known in the world and is considered superior. Configuration that was quiet and not very forward to have a lot of dampen the vibration and shock is inflicted by the streets, creating not only stability of the vehicle, but also the comfort of the rider. Chasis accidentally made sekaku maybe even eliminate puntiran on the chasis and combined with the high flexibility suspension that moves each separately, then Maesa managed to create a performance vehicle that is very good in exploring the field of road very bad.
Standard flexibility suspension is the ability of suspension to move up and down. System suspension free artificial Pacific Technology has standard flexibility size 250 mm. But Maesa has been equipped with the system suspension withstandard 300 mm, and as a result, vehicles become more able to dampen all the surprises that are thrown in the streets while the vehicle can still maintain contact with the road for optimum and remains stable, although the vehicle should be manoeuvred heavy. Vehicle bersuspensi free this has the advantage in traction and speed than with vehicle bersuspensi conventional.
Needless to say operating system is suspension-free at Maesa 4X4 make penapakan wheelchair onto the street to be more assertive, improve traction especially when-as conditions of the cartilage and slippery. The stability of the vehicle is very good and the driver can easily read the situation the street because of the nature of the vehicle is easily predictable. Make
With the operating system is suspension-free and the chassis was stiff, plintiran chasis dangerous for the security of the vehicle managed to be removed. Stability Maesa very high in his class because the center of gravity low and the distance the legs wide enough. The use of Independent suspension axel to make a cavity under a vehicle to be more flat, reduce the coefficient drag of $ 10% compared to a truck with suspension and axel conventional. Datarnya the bottom of the vehicle also help reduce turbulent the wind can disturb the stability of vehicle at high speed.

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