OVIK since 2008 has been involved in projects:
PANGOLIN - Armoured Public Order Vehicle (2011 - 2013)
CAMELEON - Modular Mission System (2009 - 2013)
TAIPAN - Flexible Strike Vehicle (2012)
and then began to design Special Vehicles - CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle on the base all wheel drive Land Rover under the brand name OVIK.

The OVIK CROSSWAY family of Multi Role Armoured Vehicles (MRAV) provides fully flexible armoured solutions to suit a diverse range of modern operational requirements.
Available from OVIK in a range of body formats and rapidly re-configurable both internally and externally, the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle family can be re-roled to deliver capability across a broad operational and threat spectrum – from secure movement of personnel to Counter-Terrorist operations; from building assault operations and public order to armed response and all-terrain logistics. OVIK CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle is the ultimate lightweight armoured solution, setting the new standard in cost effective, reliable multi role armoured vehicles.
The OVIK CROSSWAY MRAV family is a range of truly versatile armoured vehicles built to customers' precise requirements. Available as a specialist armoured vehicle for police, VIPs, humanitarian or military operations; built on the OVIK heavy duty STRIVE chassis and with a range of engine options from 2.8 litre diesel to 3.2 litre diesel and 4.5 litre petrol V8 options. Transmissions can be 5 or 6 speed automatic or manual whilst interior and body configuration is totally flexible and completely configurable.
For customers wishing to take on a much higher level of construction and development, OVIK offers the STRIVE chassis as a fully running chassis cowl, complete with engine and transmission of choice and bespoke electronic architecture - ready for onwards development and integration by a 3rd party developer. Gross vehicle weights of 5 tonnes in 4x4 and 6 tonnes in 6x6 format

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