NewHolland has been in business for over 100 years.

New Holland Construction Heritage
New Holland manufactures a wide range of equipment, including a full line of tractors; hay and forage equipment; and harvesting, crop production and materials handling equipment. New Holland also manufactures a compact tractor line equipped with the same comfort and easy-to-use features designed for larger tractors.
New Holland Construction was founded in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania; in 2005 New Holland Construction Brand was created with a global full-line product offering. Since 1999, New Holland is a brand of CNH, which was demerged from Fiat Group to Fiat Industrial at the start of 2011.
New Holland Construction
New Holland Construction is a key player in the global construction equipment industry born of the rich heritage of brands that made the history of this sector. With a network of branches, manufacturing plants and R&D centre that spans the world, it is always close to our customers, ready to serve and support them

4wd Tractor Heritage (46 Years of 4 Wheel Drive Power)

CNH represents a family of brands that have shaped the history of agricultural equipment.
The CNH heritage includes the combined legacies of J.I. Case , Fiat , Ford , International Harvester , New Holland, Steiger and many others.
In May 1999 Fiat purchased 70% of Case Corp's stock to bring the company into partnership with its New Holland Agricultural line. In November 1999 CNH Global was formed. With so many strong brands combined under the Case-New Holland umbrella the tradition of innovation runs deep throughout the roots of the company. Over the course of the last 170 years CNH's brands have lead the way in creating the future of agricultural mechanization. Cyrus McCormick's reaper invented in 1830 started CNH's legacy. This reaper would serve as the impetus for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, formed in 1848. This company, which led to the creation of International Harvester, in 1902, would go on to pioneer the first dealer distribution channel, the first full-line product offering implements, tractors, harvesting, hay, the first diesel wheel tractor in the U.S., and the first axial flow combine. International HarvesterТs signature product, the famous Farmall tractor, was a pioneer for row-crop tractors. Jerome Increase Case was also making his mark on agriculture in the mid-1800Тs. In 1842, Case founded his "Racine Threshing Machine Works" on the strength of his innovative thresher. By the 1970's J.I. Case was know world wide for high horse power tractors and construction equipment. Abe Zimmerman started New Holland Machine in 1895 and by the 1950's New Holland was the industry leader in grassland farming. Henry Ford was a farmer at heart and in 1917 he created Henry Ford and Son to produce inexpensive hard working tractors. During the 1920Тs, 75 percent of U.S. farms used a Fordson tractor. By 1966, Ford Tractors were number two in sales worldwide. Douglas and Maurice Steiger who wanted a bigger tractor in the late 1950's decided to build one. With the "solve your own problems" attitude the built the brand that has been best known for over 30 years as the 4wd tractor industry leader. In 1990 Fiat a long time European tractor maker acquired Ford-New Holland to form New Holland. The spirit of innovation has been a driving force behind the growth of CNH's companies over the years, and is one of the common elements that has unified them today. Today CNH is combing the success and strength of brands on common platforms.
CNH's 4wd history spans 46 years with names like Steiger , International Harvester , Case, Case and New Holland. It all started with the #1 name in 4wds: Steiger. In 1958 the Steiger Brothers built a tough and big articulated tractor from common components found on big semi-trucks. The commonality of Steiger parts allowed the 4wd brand to grow across North America. By the 1970's Steiger built a a range of 4wds from 225 hp to 320 hp in a massive factory in Fargo, North Dakota. The 1970's was the golden era of Steiger. Steiger was best known for 4wds with cat names. Models like the Puma, Wildcat and Bearcat served smaller operations well and as a second 4wd. Names like Cougar, Panther, Lion and Tiger meant big power for big spreads. Steiger became the #1 brand in 4wds and in 1986 it became part of Case-International. in 1995 CaseIH returned to name Steiger to its 4wds and Steiger still leads the way in articulated high horse power.
Just a few years after the Steiger 4wd was built International Harvester the number one name in the tractor industry with the Farmall introduced a 4wd. IH's Hough Industrial division developed a massive articulated 4wd known as the 4300. The 4300 was a big articulated tractor a little far ahead of it time in the 60's. The 4300 was just too big for the majority of the farmers of the day so in 1966 IH introduced the ridged frame 4100 which offered two wheel or four wheel steering. The 4100 was ultra modern for its day and the design remained in the IH 4wd line through 1978 when it was replaced by the 2+2. In 1973 IH teamed up with Steiger to build an articulated 4wd. The original articulated IH 4wd by Steiger was the 4366. The 4366 used the Steiger cab and body and was powered by an IH engine and the rear end shared components from the IH 1466. The Steiger/IH 4wds were a popular line and were part of the IH line for 9 years. In 1979 IH made it biggest mark in the 4wd industry with the 2+2. The 2+2 best known as the Anteater or Snoopy provides 4 wheel drive with 2wd ease. The operator sits behind the articulation back where they can see the field work and implement. 25 years after the 2+2's introduction these long nose tractors remain popular in many areas. In 1984 International became part of Case and the IH red color became the standard color of the new company. In 1985 Case ridged frame tractors and in 1986 Steiger tractors bore the name Case International and the Harvester red color.
Case entered the 4wd market in 1964 with a rigid frame tractor. Case's 4 way steer tractors made a mark in the 4wd industry for 30 years. In 1969 Case launched its Traction-King the TK1470. This tractor offered power, a cab and 4 way steer. In 1972 the second generation Traction King was introduced featuring a family styling with the 2wd Agri-Kings. In 1985 when Case joined forces with International Harvester the ridged frame all steer 4wds won out over the IH Super 70 4wds using the unique 2+2 design. Case International offered the Case Traction King 4wd through 1989. In 1990 Case International introduced the new 9200 series 4wd. The Traction King ridged frame was married to a Steiger cab and body. The ridged frame 9240 and 9260 joined the Case International articulated 9200 4wds. In 1995 CaseIH introduced the 9300 series and returned the Steiger name plate to the line. The 4 way steer Case design was retired. The Row-Crop Special 9330 and 9350 with a steer able front axle and articulated rear end carried on the Case tradition through 2000. In 2000 CaseIH introduced the STX Steigers with the smaller STX 275 and 325 Steigers offering a front and rear articulation, called Accusteer, for tight turning.
New Holland is the 4th big name in the CNH 4wd heritage. In 1978 Ford released its FW series 4wds built by Steiger. The Ford FW were the first big blue 4wds and offered a range of horse power from 210 hp to 360 hp in four models. Ford offered Steiger built FW 4wds through 1982 in North America and through 1987 in Europe In 1987 the new Ford-New Holland company purchased Versatile 4wd Company. Versatile is a well known name in 4wds and a strong tractor. In 1990 Fait purchased Ford-New Holland from Ford Motors. The new company became New Holland and in 1994 the Versatile 4wd was redesigned and the 80, 82, and 84 series New Holland-Versatile 4wds made New Holland a strong name in the 4wd market.
On May 15, 1999 Fait purchased Case Corp. and new company became Case-New Holland. CNH has brought the heritage of Steiger, International Harvester, Case and New Holland together with two lines off 4wds built at the Steiger plant in Fargo, North Dakota. CaseIH's red STX Steigers are number one in the industry with both tire and 4 track models ranging from 275 hp to 500 hp. New Holland's TJ 4wds share a common platform with the STX 4wds but unmatched mega flow hydraulics. Both the STX and TJ 4wds from CNH are power and performance leaders in the tractor industry.

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