CJSC Transport was founded in 1990 for designing and manufacturing amphibious tracked all-terrain vehicles. These ATTV was made for emergency restore operations at the fuel and energy industries. The company currently produces six model series ATVs in 39 versions.
These machines are designed for use on soils with low bearing capacity, including snow sand, swamps of all categories and open water.
We have lots of techiclal solutions for your specail needs:
Technical assistance;
Drilling rigs;
Drilling and crane installation;
Welding equipment;
Static-probing equipment
Fire fighting equipment;
Crane manipulator;
Dirt pump-down equipment;
Pump station;
Mobile laboratory For special need of Emergency Ministry, Federal Security Service and Border Guard Service we made a special wheeled all-terrain vehicle and a ski-track snowmobile. You can also use these machines while hunting or fishing in cross-country.
CJSC Transport produce tracked harvesters Lesnik. It was designed for optimal lumbering in case of selective cutting or clear felling and timber bucking.
History of CJSC Transport
In 1990s there was the lack of special vehicles, suitable for the preventive and emergency repair work on the main oil and gas pipelines, power lines in difficult conditions.
Nizhny Novgorod Technical University was the school of designers and researchers in the field of agricultural, earthmoving and other self-propelled tracked vehicles off-road, which had minimal pressure to soil.
These two facts have led to creating of special development team in 1982 (by VVMN). The task was to improve caterpillar drive cars for special purposes. It was called Special Design and Technological Bureau of transport and technological machines (SKTB TTM)
CJSC Transport was founded in 08.09.1990 by the leader of mentioned team, Nickolas B. Veselov.

Parts and service
CJSC Transport offers a full range of spare parts, accessories and consumables for all-terrain vehicles TTM .
Transmission: clutch, transmission, driveline, angle gearboxes, final drives, couplings, and the half-mover, track rollers, carrier rollers, idlers, track-circuit;
Chassis: Caterpillar tracks, adjusters, suspension;
Electrical equipment: starters, alternators, sensors, terminal devices, ignition keys, etc.;
Body parts: glass, parts of cabins, cabin assembly;
In the 30's of the 20th century all the research and design efforts in the Soviet Union aimed at the development of special tracked machinery for the Red Army. After the Second World War a snowmobile design laboratory was founded under the name 'Gorky Industrial Institute' (later the 'Gorky Technological Institute') which was engaged in designing of tracked carriers for the oil research and the Soviet Army.
In the 80's a special design engineering department of transportation vehicles and technological machines was established at the Gorky Technological Institute. It was created under the order of the USSR Ministry of Petroleum Industry to develop up-to-date user-friendly reliable tracked equipment for the exploration of the Extreme North, Siberia and Far East areas. Veselov B. Nickolas was appointed as its Chief Designer and Director.
Closed Joint-Stock Company TRANSPORT was established in 1990 in Nizhny Novgorod (former Gorki) under the direction of Mr. Veselov, PhD in Technology. It was founded on the base of former Soviet tracked cross-country vehicle school.
Nowadays CJSC Transport ( designs and produces all-terrain vehicles for the transportation of loads and technical specialists for the performance of accident recovery works in difficult climatic conditions including deep snow, drifting sand, marshlands and open water bodies.
The main thing to know about these machines is that they are all amphibious. All of these vehicles are able to enter river or lake without any preparations.
ATV TTM-2902
Nitra - part of the holding company NZTTM, ( CJSC Transport)

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