The Crusher vehicle NREC was the brainchild of Whittaker, director of the RI’s Field Robotics Center (FRC). In 1994, he and other FRC scientists agreed that mobile robotics technology had matured sufficiently to enable commercial applications in markets such as agriculture, construction, mining and electric/gas utilities. With a strong focus on applied research, they developed projects in collaboration with NASA and large companies such as John Deere, Toro Corporation, Consol, Joy Mining, New Holland, and Ford; collectives such as the American Nursery and Landscape Association, and NY Gas; and smaller companies such as Ultrastrip Systems.
The Crusher vehicle was created as part of the UPI program at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) of Carnegie Mellon University. The UPI program features quarterly field experi- ments that assess the capabilities of large scale, unmanned ground combat vehicles (UGV) operating autonomously in a wide range of complex, off-road ter- rains. UPI's aggressive mobility, autono- my and mission performance objectives required two additional test platforms that could accommodate a variety of mission payloads and state of the art autonomy technology. Crusher represents the next generation of the original Spinner platform, the world's first greater-than-6-ton, cross-country UGV designed from the ground up. Crusher offers more mobility, reliability, maintainability and flexibility than Spinner, at 29 percent less weight.

Национальный Робототехнический Инженерный центр (NREC) основан 29 июля 1996 года как филиал Института университета Карнеги (RI).

NREC - детище Whittaker, директора Центра робототехники (Field Robotics Center -FRC).

В Центре разработываются беспилотные наземные транспортные средства для военного применения UGCV "Crusher", Spinner (UGCV) а также AUTONOMOUS PLATFORM (APD).

NREC соттудничает с General Dynamic Robotics System’s, BAE Systems и Army’s Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) Boeing , DARPA , Timoney Technology и DRS-TEM

На фирме Lockheed создаются аналогичные транспортные средства Lockheed UGV Animal и MFC SMSS Lockheed
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