The main mission of the 21st Research and Test Institute is the formation and implementation of military-technical policy
The Institute has an extensive base with test roads.

First part of the photo report from 10-th June 2011 exhibition of prospective and updated military vehicles at the test range of military vehicles research and test centre, 3rd Central research institute of Ministry of Defence (former 21st research and test institute of MoD) located in Bronnitsy outside Moscow.
Military design companies demonstrated new models as well as updated versions of older vehicles. The show featured advanced trucks from the Ural, KAMAZ and BAZ companies. New launching vehicle 5P90S and VPK-3924 Medved MRAP was also shown to the public.
The report will include 5 parts, 2 parts with dynamic demo photos and 3 parts with static displays. All datasheets, unfortunatelly, are available only in Russian.
Special sections of the test track on the Proving Ground :
Obstacles alternating,
Sinusoidal profile,
Wedge-shaped hills,
lternating obstacles
Water barriers
Slope with additional obstacles

Внедорожные траспортные средства
(Land Locomotion – Mechanical Vehicle Mobility LL-MVM)
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