Mammoet is a privately held Dutch company specializing in the hoisting and transporting of heavy objects.

Mammoet Transport B.V. is one of the world's leading "heavy-lift" and special transport companies, with a fleet of specialized transport and lifting vehicles, vessels, and equipment with lifting capacities ranging up to 13,000 tons or more. Based in The Netherlands, Mammoet operates through its primary subsidiaries Mammoet Decalift International B.V., handling land-based projects, and Mammoet Shipping B.V., handling oceangoing transport, and through a network of subsidiaries located worldwide. The combination of land-based and oceangoing transport capacity enables the company to offer the logistics planning and implementation of large-scale and long-distance transportation projects. Mammoet specializes in large-scale operations such as the transportation of nuclear reactor cores, power plants, pre-constructed mining operations, and other "mammoth" projects, often to remote locations lacking the roads and other infrastructure needed to transport the extreme weights associated with these structures.
The company's land-based equipment ranges from its fleet of computer-driven SPMTs (self-propelled modular transporters), with total capacity of more than 11,000 tons, to conventional heavy-duty platform trailers with total capacity of more than 12,000 tons. The company's vehicle fleet includes more than 85 road trailer systems; more than 70 heavy-duty road trailers with capacities ranging from 25 to 100 tons; more than 100 heavy-duty road trucks; and a fleet of forklifts with capacities ranging up to 20 tons. Mammoet also operates its self-designed Hydra-Jack lifting system, composed of nearly 20 units with total lifting capacities exceeding 7,000 tons. The company's fleet of some 200 cranes offers lifting capacities ranging from ten to 2,000 tons.

Most heavy haulage and heavy lift engineering firms employ heavy duty tractor-unit models that can accommodate a ballast box. Countries where modernisation is taking place, such as regions of the Middle East and South Africa, operate larger number of ballast tractors due to the greater frequency of heavy loads (such as power station components).
Apart from being used by fairgrounds as a direct replacement for the steam-powered showman's engine, specialist moving and haulage companies use ballast tractors. These include:
Abnormal Load Engineering - specialist in moving transformers and turbines for power stations, from GEC at Stafford.

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