JAJU Sungri Motor Plant is a 600,000m2 vehicle factory in the city of Tokchon , North Korea. It was most capable plant of the North Korean automotive industry before being surpassed by Pyeonghwa Motors. The plant produces urban and off-road passenger cars, small, medium, and heavy cargo, as well as construction and off-road trucks and buses. All models are reported to be replicas or derivations of foreign cars.Vehicles are generally for civilian and commercial use, as government officials favour foreign imports and the armed forces have their own facilities. Sungri Motor Plant.

The Sungri Motor Plant was founded in November 1950 as the Tokchon Motor Plant. It produced its first vehicle, a Sungri-58 truck, in 1958. In 1975, the plant was renamed Sungri Motor Plant (sungri meaning victory in Korean). In 1980, annual production was reported by the government to be 20,000 units per year, however the rate was more likely between 6,000 and 7,000 units per year. In 1996 production was crippled due to the country's economic difficulties, with approximately 150 units produced.Sungri Motor Plant.
Sungri Motor Plant made JAJU-64 based on design of Russian truck KRAZ-222 (1959)

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