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IZTM "Plant Ishimbayskiy transport engineering" Vityaz "produces unique articulated tracked transporters, well-established as the only reliable vehicle in the conditions of continuous off-road, swamps, virgin snow, low and very low temperatures in the Russian North, Siberia and the Arctic and Antarctic. These machines are perfectly manifested themselves in deserts of Central Asia and Arabia, at high humidity of the tropics and in the rarefied air of high mountains
Of "Vityaz" produces three basic families of transporters - DT-10P, DT-30P and DT-30, which was created on the basis of a wide range of modifications, adapted for placement on their various weapons systems, lifting, loading, earthmoving and other technological equipment. The design allows you to create special transporters vehicles for transporting indivisible loads up to 13 m and weighing up to 30 tons
Prototypes DT-PL and DT-A developed at НИИ-21 (Bronnitsy) and built in February 1971 by Rubtsovsky engineering plant. Modern DT-10P, DT-20P and DT-20, taken into service in 1980, another year when Ishimbai produced the first production tractor, ran tests articulated DT-30P and DT-30.
In parallel with work on the crawler transporter designers have created a prototype machine and wheeled articulated MTD (MDT-2, 5 small two-tier articulated carrying capacity of 2.5 tons). MDT-2, 5 is equipped with lockable center and cross-axle differentials. Turn the machine is carried out by folding units with hydraulic rams type crawler transporters.

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