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IMV During the mid-1980s Yugoslav vehicle designers used their AR-51 experience to develop a larger vehicle which emerged as the Industrija Motornih Vozil (IMV) 0.75 - 4x4. In some ways the IMV 0.75 visually resembles the later FIAT Campagnola 1107 AD but the overall dimensions are larger all round ant the payload is increased to seven passengers (plus the driver) or 750 kg of payload.
The beginnings of the automotive industry in Novo mesto extend back in 1954 when the company Moto Montaza was established. In cooperation with the German company Autounion, they started the assembly of commercial vehicles and developed their own car concept.
In 1959, the company renamed into Industrija motornih vozil (IMV) which within three decades of its operation successfully introduced and developed new programmes. The given conditions led to a division of business programmes and so four joint-stock companies were established out of IMV in 1989: Revoz, Adria Caravan, TPV and TADO located in Beli Manasti, Croatia. TPV was confided the production of commercial vehicles intended for the then Yugoslav market.The company's attachment to Revoz and to the automotive industry eventually required orientation towards the development of passenger vehicles components which has become our core business.
Kragujevac has been an important industrial and trading centre in Serbia for over two centuries. The city's industry are best known by its automotive production and firearms manufacturing. The former state-owned Zastava Automobiles company was founded in 1953 and produced the well known, Yugo subcompact brand of vehicles. Zastava was sold to Fiat in 2008, with Fiat pledging to invest 700 million euros into the company now renamed as Fiat Automobiles Serbia. Weapons manufacturung in Kragujevac began in 1853 and has since grown to become Serbia's primary supplier of firearms through the Zastava Arms corporation.

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