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HydraTrek HYDRATREK'S roots trace back to 1953 as a black smith shop. Welding, fabrication, and metal bending have been our core competence for many decades. Hydratrek LLC was formed in 2004 with the idea to produce a well-made AATV for the recreational market. As the concept and demand grew for a specialized machine in other industries, we formed Hydratrek, Inc. in 2009 and introduced the product to all industries.
HYDRATREK, INC. is comprised of experienced design-engineers and skilled craftsmen that have worked diligently to research, develop, build and refine a vehicle capable of operating effectively on all terrains, and that is easily traverse from land operation to water operation.
After five years of extensive research, development, testing and evaluation of the industrial duty multi purpose amphibious vehicle, Hydratrek has exploded onto the market of specialized vehicles.
Able to maneuver into areas that have rarely before been accessible by land, the Hydratrek amphibious vehicles can effortlessly trek up and down steep inclines, through heavy sticky mud, swamps, woodlands, and natural disasters such as earthquake zones and flood waters.
The HYDRATREK was originally designed to be the ultimate amphibious machine that provides seamless transition from land to water for the outdoors enthusiast.
The HYDRATREK expanded into a vehicle that can be used for various needs when ever an effective and efficient means of multi terrain remote access is required.

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