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Iveco (China) Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Iveco China”) is established in 2012, it stands for one of the four pillars of Iveco global strategy. Iveco China is the responsible for the strategy and operations of Iveco in China. The mission of Iveco China is to import the advanced products manufactured in Europe and to export the products of our JVs’ in China, through the Iveco distribution channels to the global market. In addition, Iveco carries out the localization strategy in China. It manufactures a full range of commercial vehicles through its joint ventures with its partner SAIC: Naveco, with two plants in Nanjing for the production of light commercial vehicles and minibuses, and Saic-Iveco Hongyan, based in Chongqing for heavy duty trucks.
Iveco is the first international CV manufacturer which enters in China market:

In 1985 Iveco entered the Chinese market through a technology transfer agreement with NAC (Nanjing Automobile Corporation) for the production of light commercial vehicles.
In 1991 the first TurboDaily production line was inaugurated, starting the company’s ambitious programme of investments in the Chinese auto industry.
In 1996, Iveco established with NAC the joint venture Naveco, which spread the brand throughout China's territory in the following years of operations.
In December 2005, SAIC, Iveco and CHVG (Chongqing Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.) signed a framework agreement.
In September 2006, SAIC and Iveco set up a 50-50 joint venture, the SAIC IVECO Commercial Vehicle Investment Co., Ltd.; in the same month, at the presence of the Prime Ministers of China and Italy, SAIC, Iveco and Chongqing Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. signed their contract in the Great Hall of the People.
In June 2007, SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and SAIC Fiat Powertrain Hongyan Co. Ltd. were officially established. In December of the same year, with the signing of the all-round cooperation agreement between SAIC and NAC, Naveco (Nanjing Iveco Motor Co., Ltd) became another relevant point of the cooperation between SAIC and Iveco, in the field of light commercial vehicles in China.
In September 2012, Iveco (China) Commercial Vehicles Sales Co., Ltd. was officially established, representing a new milestone of Iveco’s business development in China.

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