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Henschel Henschel & Son was a German company, located in Kassel, best known during the 20th century as a maker of transportation equipment, including locomotives, trucks, buses and trolleybuses, and armoured fighting vehicles and weapons.
Georg Christian Carl Henschel founded the factory in 1810 at Kassel. His son Carl Anton Henschel founded another factory in 1837. In 1848, the company began manufacturing locomotives. The factory became the largest locomotive manufacturer in Germany by the 20th century. Henschel built 10 articulated steam trucks, using Doble steam designs, for Deutsche Reichsbahn railways as delivery trucks. Several cars were built as well, one of which became Hermann Goring's staff car.
Formation of the Company Gieberei und Maschinenfabrik Cassel by G. C. Henschel
Move of Henschel & Sohn Cassel into the new-established factory location at Hollandischer Platz
Take over by Rheinische Stahlwerke, Essen/Germany
Change of the company name to Thyssen Industrie AG Henschel as part of Thyssen AG
Formation of the company Thyssen Henschel Industrietechnik GmbH
Change of the company name to Henschel Industrietechnik GmbH
2003 Incorporation into the Kero AG group as Henschel MischSysteme GmbH"
Merger with the chemical division of Reimelt GmbH and formation of
Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme GmbH.
Reimelt Henschel Beijing Rep.Office, Peking,
Reimelt Henschel Asia Ltd., Hongkong
Take over of Rockstedt Compoundiertechnik
Corporate restructuring to Reimelt Henschel GmbH, consisting of the Reimelt FoodTechnologie, Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme, Reimelt Guth Engineering and Reimelt Components divisions
Takeover of the Reimelt Henschel GmbH by the Zeppelin-Group, Friedrichshafen
Corporate restructuring to Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH, consisting of the Henschel Mixing Technology (Kassel, Germany), Food Technology (Rodermark, Germany) and Liquids Processing (Landau, Germany) divisions

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