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Hagglunds Hagglunds Vehicle is a leading manufacturer of Combat Vehicles, and All Terrain Vehicles. Hagglunds Vehicle is also a leading developer and supplier of various turret systems as an integrated part of Hagglunds role as prime contractor. Hagglunds has delivered military vehicles to more than 40 countries worldwide.
Hagglunds Moelv A.S in Moelv, Norway, is a wholly owned subsidiary. Patria Hagglunds Oy in Tampere, Finland is a joint venture company with Patria Oyj. HB Utveckling in Stockholm, Sweden is a joint venture company with Bofors Defence.
Hagglunds Vehicle is fully owned by Alvis plc, which is quoted on the London Stock Exchange.
The SEP-Wheeled vehicle has three axles and is driven through all six wheels. The propulsion system is based on two engines with electric transmission. The integrated 100kW maximum power, permanent magnet type electric motors are supplied by Magnetic Systems Technology (UK) and are located in the wheel hubs. The motors are fitted with a two-speed reduction gear.
The wheels are mounted with double cast-steel wishbones with a short torsion bar spring connected to the upper wishbones. The front wheels are steered normally, the centre wheels are not steered and the rear wheels are electronically controlled to provide steering at low to medium speeds and to cut out the rear wheel steering at high road speeds to maintain high-speed stability. The wheels are fitted with 405/70 type R24 tyres. .

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