HOWE Brothers

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HOWE Brothers Welcome to Howe Brothers, Inc. -
, 4x4 conversions, truck trailers, snow plow equipment, and ice removal equipment. Howe Brothers Inc. has provided quality 4x4 conversions since 1919 for major American corporations, government agencies and institutions. Dependability and durability have been hallmarks of our company. Our reputation has been earned in harsh Northeast snowstorms, on rough terrains and in emergency situations as Howe Brothers four-wheel drives perform effectively and efficiently in school buses, snow plows, fire trucks and in other utility vehicles.
Meeting a difficult challenge is a Howe Brothers specialty. from the oil fields of Mexico to the Port Authority of New York, our all-wheel drives have propelled a wide variety of specialized trucks over formidable terrains and under difficult conditions. Whether the job is digging post holes or building a new highway, Howe Brothers can get your vehicle where it's needed.

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