GMC In 1908 General Motors is incorporated by William Durant, a maker of horse-drawn carriages in Flint, Mich. The company includes only the Buick Motor Co. at first, but in the next year acquires Oldsmobile, the Oakland Motor Car Company (later known as Pontiac), Cadillac, and the Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. (later known as GMC).During the Second World War (1940-1945) almost 600,000 three-axle 2? ton army trucks were built by the Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company (Pontiac, Michigan, USA), a branch of the General Motors Corporation (GMC). More than 500,000 of them belonged to the CCKW type with its typical descending hood, broad fenders, and square brush guard with integrated rounded head lamp protectors. The CCKW was inspired by the more streamlined ACKWX which in turn was based on pre-war civilian GMC’s. As for the ACKWX, the type code has the following background: model year 1939 (A), engine in front of cab (C), optional front axle drive (K), drive of two rear axles (W) and a wheel base other than that of civilian types (X). CCKW's (yep, model year 1941) initially had the suffix X but in the course of 1941 this was omitted. From that time the two available wheel bases of the CCKW, i.e. long (4.17 m) and short (3.68 m), were indicated by the respective suffixes 353 and 352.

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