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Fresia is an Italian producer of special equipmen.
FRESIA Spa develops and produces a complete range of snow removal equipment and vehicles to be used in Towns, Highways, Mountains and Airports worldwide
F100 4x4
F90 4x4
The ATLAS TT Tractors have :
Full-Time 4WD assures great traction in any weather conditions. Both front and rear heavy duty axles are over-engineered mounted on leaf spring suspensions to give maximum comfort and reliability.
To further insure reliability, a third central locking-differential provides stress release on the wheels and greatly reduces tire consumption.

FRESIA SP SERIES tractors include major advantages such as:
Both front and rear axles are mounted on leaf spring suspensions.
FRESIA make our own over-engineered heavy duty axles.
FRESIA develops and produces including 4x4 vehicles F120C suitable for road maintenance, forest fire-fighting, refuse collection and any special configurations.

FRESIA Spa develops and produces a complete range of vehicles 4x4 6x6 and 8x8 for Fire-fighting application.
Fresia F60C Teseo 4x4
Superior chassis Rear engine F800 for Airport Fire Fighting applications 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 versions.
Special chassis F120C 16t for Forest Fire Fighting application , four wheel drive 4x4 , extremely versatile and adaptable vehicle under all ground and weather conditions.
Fire-fighting trucks and Snow removal equipment which can be efficiently used also in the Defense

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The Contact telephone: 8-903-110-70-97 - Anatily Petrovich
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