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Foremost Since 1965, Foremost Industries has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high-mobility all-terrain wheeled and tracked vehicles used to transport heavy loads where there are no roads.
Foremost offers a variety of tracked and wheeled models, with payload capacities from 10 to 40 tons. Tracked models have wide, flexible d-dent or flat tracks for exceptional traction and low ground pressure in deep snow, swamp or muskeg. Wheeled models are equipped with large high-flotation terra tires, suitable for traversing packed snow, mud or desert environments. All Foremost vehicles are manufactured with heavy-duty drive train and suspension components for long-life operation. Designs provide for high approach and departure angles, deep fording ability and the ability to traverse steep slopes.
Foremost vehicles are most commonly used for geophysical exploration, oil field transportation and logistics, oil pipeline construction & repair, utility construction & repair, personnel transport, and tourism. Vehicle decks can be setup with a variety of equipment such as excavators, aerial lift buckets, welders, seismic recorder shacks, personnel carriers, water & fuel tanks, and drills. Over the years, Foremost vehicles have earned global recognition for durability and reliable performance in extreme operating conditions. Today, there are more than 2,000 Foremost vehicles working in over 40 countries worldwide, from Northern Canada, to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the rainforests of South America, the frigid cold of Antarctica and the deep muskeg of the former Soviet Union. Count on Foremost vehicles to move your equipment, supplies and personnel efficiently and dependably.
Foremost designs and manufactures a diverse line of heavy equipment, tooling, consumables and accessories for a variety of applications worldwide. For the mining/mineral exploration sector, Foremost specializes in drilling rigs, reverse-circulation drill pipe, semi-automatic, rig-mounted pipe handlers and drilling consumables. These products generate significant cost savings, reduce maintenance requirements, and improve drilling productivity and equipment life. The Foremost Exploration Series of drilling rigs, either tracked or wheeled, and support vehicles, are designed to minimize ground pressure and to climb extremely steep grades and side slopes. Foremost Floating Cushion Subs and Shock Subs protect and prolong top drive bearings, rotary drive, mast assemblies and gear life against both torsional and axial vibrations/shock loading in moderate and extreme drilling conditions, while enabling make-up and break-out threaded connections. Replacing a friction or non-rotating bushing on the deck of a blast-hole drill without drill modifications, the Foremost Rotary Deck Bushing provides stabilization, reduces drill vibrations and friction to drill string components and permits higher operating speed. Foremost offers a proven successful track record to suit customers’ requirements.

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