Force Protection Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of ballistic- and blast-protected vehicles, which have been used to support armed forces and security personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other hot spots around the globe.
Headquartered on a sprawling campus near Charleston, South Carolina, Force Protection also has become the nation's leading center for blast protection technology and research to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Built for a variety of missions and designed for rapid adaptation, Force Protection's specialty vehicles provide the solution for a 360-degree battlefield where the "front line" is on all sides. From the soldier on the ground to government and military leaders in Washington, the message is clear: Force Protection offers a proven, tested solution to the problem of IEDs, land mines, roadside bombs, and hostile fire.
Modern warfare continues to evolve. There is increasing, critical need for technology that can protect against emerging threats to your assets. Force Protection produces the technology that provides this protection. It saves lives. The Buffalo is the most advanced mine resistant vehicle in the world. It can be configured for multiple missions and is specifically designed to be repaired in the field. Cutting-edge technology combined with the best American automotive components give this vehicle the maximum visibility, load carrying capacity, interior space and parts availability of any vehicle in its class.
The Cougar is a family of medium mine-protected vehicles which can be supplied in 4X4 or 6X6 layout. It can be configured for a wide range of tasks including troop carrying (up to 14 in the 6X6), EOD (4 troops and a large EOD robot in the 4X4), command and control, artillery prime mover, recovery and ambulance duty. Cougar is in production.

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