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Force Motors Force Motors are now looking serious about making a mark in the passenger car market. We already know about Force Motors’ plans to launch a new MPV in India, along with the 4x4 version of the ForceOne SUV. Now our friends at OnCars have caught the new Force Gurkha testing outside Pune in full camouflage.
Not many of you would have heard of the Gurkha, but it was rage among hardcore off-roading enthusiasts for its incredible capabilities. This is because the company never really publicized the SUV and at that price there were quite a few options from more reputed brands. Due to a drop in demand, Force simply and rather silently discontinued the SUV altogether about three years ago. Still Force Motors has been exporting the Gurkha to Africa and few other markets for a while.
The pictures however tell us that the Gurkha is likely to make a return. Like the earlier model even this SUV is based an older generation of the Mercedes Benz G-Class platform, which is evident from the round headlamps, hood-mounted indicators, roof rails and the snorkel style exhaust running from the hood to the windscreen.
In full view is also the fact that this SUV shares common wheels and 235/70 section road tyres with ForceOne. It is expected that the Gurkha will get the ForceOne’s 2.2-litre FMTech engine, which churns out 139bhp and 321Nm of torque. The four-wheel-drive system from soon to be launched the Force One 4x4 is also expected to do duty here.
The Gurkha is an ideal vehicle for travelling on bad, rough or even no roads. If the SUV brand is revived in India, it will cost somewhere around Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh and will cater mainly to rural market.

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