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Fendt The history of Fendt tractors began in Germany in the early 1900's. The Fendt brothers build their first tractor in a blacksmith's shop. With a dedication to advanced technology, profitability, and reliability, they soon introduced the Dieselross - a small tractor with a 6 HP engine, mounted plough, and independently driven mower. The Dieselross was the first affordable replacement for horses that small farmers had in Europe.
By 1938, 1000 Dieselross machines had been produced, and Fendt was set to grow. The company expanding rapidly after World War II, Fendt continued to win awards for their tractor designs and had leadership of the German tractor market by 1985. The Dieselross line was followed by the Favorit line, and in 1996 the Vario series was introduced with a revolutionary step-less transmission design, the Vario CVT.
Since 1997 Fendt belongs to the Agco corporation, a global supplier of tractors and agricultural machinery. Fendt was poised for global expansion and is now one of the most reliable, technologically advanced tractors on the market today. Fendt's Vario CVT transmission is still the bar by which other "step-less" transmissions are measured. Considered to be the Mercedes Benz of the tractor world, standard accessories such as mechanical front wheel drive, front axle suspension, infinitely step-less transmission, and cab suspension are still only options on the competition

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