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Faun Faun's history begins in 1918 with the merger of Fahrzeugfabrik Ansbach and Nurnberg Feuerloschgerate Automobillastwagen und Fahrzeugfabrik Karl Schmidt. The combined company was called Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nurnberg until the name was shortened to Faun-Werke AG in 1920, the trucks carrying the name Faun. Much of the production during the 1920s consisted of municipal vehicles, but a new range of trucks from 2 to 6-tonne payload appeared in the early '30s. There was also a heavy-duty 9-tonner powered by a Deutz diesel engine. 1934 marked the introduction of a six-wheeler and four years later a forward-control twin-steer four-axled rigid was introduced for a 15-tonne payload.
After World War II Faun offered a comprehensive range of trucks, both normal and forward-control. The normal-control models presented a very impressive appearance and covered the heaviest weight categories for articulated and drawbar operation. From 1969 Faun ceased production of normal on-highway trucks to concentrate on special vehicles, including crane chassis, airport crash tenders and heavy-haulage tractors which are still in production. Many feature 8x8 drive and high-powered diesels of between 700 and 800bhp. For a brief period during the mid 1970s a joint marketing agreement was established with Fodens Ltd in the UK to market dump trucks as Foden-Faun.A.L.E. (Abnormal Loads Engineering). A.L.E.
In 1990 Tadano Ltd. Takamatsu, Japan acquires FAUN.

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