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FTF The firm was a Dutch haulage contractor that started building trailers after the 2nd World war, and then imported Mack trucks to assemble from 1952. When Mack started there own factory in Holland in 1964 Floor's decided to build there own trucks from bought in components. The started building them under the FTF brand in 1966, using Mack parts and Detroit Diesel engines, Motor Panels cabs from Britain and Fuller or Allison Transmissions gearboxes and axles. The firm specialises in heavy duty 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8 and 10x8 chassis. A lot for the Dutch Bulk tipper market were they are tailored to the axle loading regs allowing a higher capacity than std trucks from mainstream manufacturers.
Floor ceased its production of FTF trucks in 1995, after 30 years. The reason given was that development costs were too high with the increasingly complicate rules,and a down turn in the market. The last truck that was built was a type FD-8.20D1 road train for ECT. Floor trucks operation had built around 650 FTF trucks over a period of 30 years.
The trade name FTF is an abbreviation of Floor Truck Fabriek. At the start of the 1950s, the Hilversum-based company began to produce its own trailers. Floor operated in the hay and straw industry and therefore required specific vehicles, but was unable to find these anywhere, and Floor was not completely satisfied with the trucks that were for sale in the Netherlands. In 1955, Floor began to import Mack trucks from America to the Benelux region. All trucks were shipped in crates from America to the Netherlands and assembled by Floor.
The production of trailers and semi-trailers and the import of Mack trucks proved such a success that Floor severed all ties with the hay and straw industry and ceased its haulage service in order to concentrate entirely on the trailers and trucks. Midway through the 1960s, however, this decision put Floor in a difficult position. Mack had decided to transfer the assembly of its trucks to a factory in France that it had just taken over. Floor took this opportunity to further develop its ideas for its own truck. In 1966, Floor exhibited a truck that had been built to its own specifications at the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre in Amsterdam. The first FTF trucks were still mostly built using Mack components, but Floor quickly began to buy components elsewhere. Axles came from Rockwell, engines from Detroit Diesel and transmissions from Allison or Fuller. The cabs, which were initially made by Floor itself, came from Motor Panels in the U.K. for the second and third generation of FTF trucks.
FTF became a specialist in rare and specialist trucks. If a customer had a special or unusual requirement, he could contact Floor and obtain exactly what he needed. FTF worked in accordance with the ‘building blocks’ principle, i.e. a wide range of different vehicles could be produced from just a few basic components. FTF was particularly good at building trucks for the transportation of heavy goods. Mammoet, Stoof and Van der Vlist are just some well-known names in the field of heavy goods transportation.
In 1995, after almost 30 years of production, Floor ceased its production of FTF trucks. Its decision was based upon the poor market prospects in the construction of trucks. The development costs were simply too high, in comparison to the money that could be made. The last truck that was built was a type FD-8.20D1 road train for ECT. Floor has built around 650 FTF trucks over a period of 30 years.

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