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Christie Джон Уолтер Кристи (англ. John Walter Christie, род. 6 мая 1865, Риверэдж, Нью-Джерси — 11 января 1944, Фоллс-Чёрч, Виргиния) — американский конструктор, инженер и изобретатель. J. Walter Christie designed a track device to enhance a truck's ability to move across unimproved terrain. Applied to a Mack AC chassis of 5.5 tons capacity, it was evaluated in Aberdeen in May, 1922. It consisted of a Christie-designed final drive ahead of the front axle with chains driving all four wheels, with a track device fitted tightly over the solid rubber tire wheels. Known as the Mack-Christie Wheel-Caterpillar, it claimed to be a "four wheel drive" system. The front axle, however, was non-powered. The Mack A used a water-cooled 471 cubic inch displacement engine with four cylinders and 40 horsepower, and utilized a three-speed transmission. According to an Aberdeen letter of May, 1922, the track itself failed, the vehicle was almost totally immobilized without the track, the engine overheated constantly, and the transmission had heat-producing friction, a grinding noise, and oil leakage. The truck was returned to Mr. Christie.

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