The company began in 1946 by modifying, reinforcing and re-manufacturing surplus military vehicles for the construction and petroleum industries. As the company grew with their markets' requirements, modifying commercial and military chassis became less suitable for their customers needs, and the company began designing and manufacturing their own custom chassis for the mobile crane market. Crane Carrier Corporation or CCC is a manufacturer that specializes in Construction Trucks. It was established by Samuel Zeligson in 1946, along with the affiliated Zeligson Trucks the affiliated Zeligson Trucks . The primary design of CCC's trucks are Cab-Beside-Engine(C.B.E.) or half-cabs, most notably the Century II Unimixer. Half-cabs have the advantage of being able to carry the booms of cranes, hence the name of the company.

Beginning as a firm that remanufactured World War II-era surplus vehicles, CCC evolved into a company that manufactured its own over-the-road trucks for concrete mixing, logging, mining, and other construction industries. CCC also builds trucks for oil drilling, water well drilling, terminal tractors, and aviation fuelers.

CCC sold Zeligson in 1980. It lasted as a separate company for nine years.

1980 Am General M920 Heavy Equipment Hauler 8x6
Chassis COE 6x6 For Mobile Drill Rigs
Available trucks were manufactured in Chicago, IL from 1910 to the 1950's with it was bought out by Crane Carrier Corp. of Tulsa, OK

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