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Bussing The motor-truck industry was still in its infancy when Heinrich Bus.sing set up his company at Braunschweig in 1903. That was the year he built his first truck - a 2-tonne payload machine powered by a 2-cylinder gasoline engine and featuring worm drive. That successful design was later built under licence by other companies in Germany. Austria. Hungary and by Straker Squire in England. Before World War I Bussing had already progressed to building heavy-duty trucks for loads of between 5 and 11 tonnes, powered by 6-cylincler engines. In 1923 Bussing introduced what was the first rigid three-axled truck and bus chassis in Germany and during the '20s, cornered the market tor such machines. A number of other manufacturers were taken over by Bussing in the late 1920s. The first acquisition was Mannesmann-Mulag Motoren und Laslwagen AG of Aachen. Then the Elbing plant of Automobilfabrik Kornnick AG was bought followed a year or so later by Nacionale Autornohil AG (NAG). After the last take over Biissings was called Biissing-Nag until 1950. Bussing began building trurks with diesel engines around 1930 and pioneered the horizontal underfloor diesel engines around 1936. During WW2 Bussin construct robust heavy trucks and participate also at the construction of armoured cars 6X6 and 8X8 with all-wheel steering. After the war. civilian production resinned with a 5-tonne and later a 7-tonne truck chassis. In 1950 the company name became Bussing Nutskraflwagen GmbH and production was concentrated on underfloor-engined trucks which were to become the firm's speciality. Most tractor units and all normal-control trucks had vertical engines, but in the mid 1960s there was a version of their Commodore maximum-weight tractor unit, the 16-210. which had a horizontal diesel mounted under the cab ahead of the front axle, the gearbox being mounted halfway along the truck's chassis. Bussing took over the Borgward plant at Osterholz-Scharmbeck in 1962 and built their military 4x4 4-tonner under the Bussing name until 1968. The factory was then sold to Faun-Werke GmbH. In 1969 links were formed with another major German truck manufacturer, MAN, and two years later the MAN takeover of Bussing was announced. The unique underfloor-engined truck range continued in production under the MAN-Biissing name through to the late 1980s.

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