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Brockway Brockway Motor Company was a builder of custom heavy-duty trucks in Cortland, New York from 1912 to 1977. It was founded as Brockway Carriage Works in 1875 by William Brockway. His son George Brockway later turned the carriages into a truck manufacturer in 1909. With the opening of hostilities, the Army contracted Brockway to produce the C-666, a 211/42-ton 6x6 that was utilized by the Army Corps of Engineers to haul supplies and pontoons for the construction of temporary combat bridges. Other versions were built, including aircraft fire trucks, mobile crane platforms, and of course, conventional transports. The company introduced its new 260 tractor to the civilian market, and the Korean conflict required more Brockway military units to be produced. Some Brockway trucks were equipped with inline six engines fitted with Rochester 2G (DualJet) carburetors.[1] The company was purchased by Mack Trucks Inc. in August 1956 and remained a division of Mack until its closing in June 1977. Cummins engines were primarily used in Brockways though many were powered by Detroit Diesels. There is a Brockway Truck show in Cortland each year with a museum in the works as well. The hood ornament used by Brockway was a husky dog with pulling harness, thus giving Cortland the nickname of "Husky Town USA" A documentary about the trucks and the Brockway company is available from Wiffle Ball Productions in Cortland, New York. Компания "Брокуэй", просуществовавшая 55 лет, занималась исключительно изготовлением коммерческих грузовиков, а к военной продукции ее подключали только во время Первой и Второй мировых войн, когда для американских вооруженных сил и поставок по ленд-лизу потребовались специальные исполнения стандартизованных армейских автомобилей.

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