Le premier camion Bernard sort en 1923. Il est le fruit de l'imagination d'Edouard Bernard un passionne de mecanique de longue date, qui rachete des camions militaires pour les transformer dans son atelier pres de Paris. In 1935 Bernard stopped supplying petrol engines and production went over to only diesel and a 12 - 15 ton 6 wheeler model was announced which was also their first model to have servo brakes fitted. After World War 2 Bernard discontmued production of the passenger models and concentrated solely on goods vehicles with 4 and 6 wheel configurations and by 1950 new options included full air brake systems and a 12.1 litre engines. Edouard Bernard meurt en 1951, et l'entreprise peinera a trouver un repreneur et pour ajouter au difficultees, la concurence des autres marques de poids-lourds se fait plus serieuse. A 200bhp V8 diesel engine was introduced in 1958 as was the Elephant a weird off road tractor with track type steering. In 1960 a bellows type air suspension system was tried and the goods vehicle range now covered capacities of 19 to 35 tons. In 1963 the company was bought out by Mack Trucks of America and renamed Automobiles Bernard in 1964. Whilst the existing Bernard range continued some interesting hybrids were developed and sold under the Mack-Bernard name but the association was not a success and the company was closed down in 1966.

Wrap around windscreens on bonnetted models and a futuristic dual headlamp forward control cab by Philippe Charbonneaux were brought in to make Bernards more competitive.

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