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BELL BELL 1954 - Company founder Irvine Bell establishes a small enterprise providing engineering and equipment repair services to the pioneer farming community in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In the late 50s, he invents a self-loading trailer for the sugarcane industry. 1964 - Searching for a better way, Irvine Bell invents a three wheeled loading machine. The Bell Tri-Wheelers revolutionary design is granted patents worldwide. 1970 - Joined by sons Peter and Gary, Bell gains key experience providing engineering services to the construction consortium building South Africas largest deep water port at Richards Bay. 1975 - With an improved design and an attachment range, series production of the Tri-Wheeler begins in the Companys Empangeni plant. A timber handling version proves popular in the forest products industry. 1977 - Bell introduces the worlds first automatic transmission equipped Haulage Tractor. Matched with a range of trailer equipment, the hauler dumper combination excels in the earthmoving, construction and mining industries. 1982 - Applying the haulers strong, simple, design philosophy, Bell enters the Wheeled Loader market with a machine well suited to Africas harsh operating environment. 1984 - To meet growing local and export demand, Bell commissions a new production facility in Richards Bay, South Africa. The first Artic Truck, a B25A, enters service. 1989 - Targeting heavy duty mining applications, Bell Equipments flagship, the B40 Articulated Dump Truck is launched. 1992 - Bell Equipments growing network of Customer Service Centres acquires a branded Excavator range providing 'one-stop-shop' service for mining and construction customers. 1995 - Bell Equipment acquires the rights to distribute John Deere Construction and Forestry Equipment in Southern Africa under the Bell brand, further strengthening the Companys product offering. In the same year Bell Equipment is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 1998 - Bell Equipment launches the C-series ADT and Wheeled Loader range. Positive market acceptance results in Bell achieving the fastest growth in market share in both the highly competitive North American and European ADT markets. 1999 - Bell Equipment forms a strategic alliance with John Deeres construction and forestry arm. John Deere begins to brand and distribute Bell Trucks in North and South America. 2000 - 5 000th ADT and 10 000th sugar and forestry machines produced. 2001 - The launch of the D-series Artic Trucks sets a new standard of excellence. 2002 - World's largest ADT the Bell B50D is unveiled 2003 - To better satisfy local demand, truck assembly operations commence in Europe. 2004 - Bell Equipments family of customers and associates celebrate

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