Automotive Industries Ltd. is an Israeli Automaker and major supplier of the Israeli Security Forces.Located in Nazareth Illit, the company was originally founded in 1966 by Automotive Equipment Group as a plant for the assembly of cars and trucks. AIL has since gone on to increase its role in the vehicle's manufacture, doing much of the work on several early Willys MB-derivatives, as well as the more recent M462 trucks and AIL Storm (Sufa) series of Jeep Wrangler-derivatives, and the AIL Desert Raider.

In 1967 AIL has developed a unique automotive design and manufacturing skills, specializing in 4x4 and 6x6 all-terrain tactical vehicles. The company concentrated on the military market, assembling Jeeps, Dodge Trucks (D-100/500, W-200/600), the AMG M800 series tactical truck, International Navistar and Freightliner trucks and AIL's self-designed light tactical truck - the M- 325 Commandcar and its successor ABIR. Currently AIL sells its products mainly to the Israel Defence Forces and police, as well as to export mar kets.
Х Willys MB [assembly] - (1966 - 1983) .
Х AIL M325 Commandcar .
Х AIL Abir - (1966 - 1987) .
Х AIL Storm - (1987 - present) .
Х HMMWV [assembly] .
Х AIL Desert Raider - (1998 - present) .

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