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Autocar Autocar LLC The original Autocar company got its start more than 100 years ago as the Pittsburgh Motor Car Company. Founded in 1897 by brothers Louis S and John Clark, the company's first vehicle was a gas-powered tricycle. Two years later, the Clarks moved the company to Ardmore, Pa., and renamed the firm Autocar. In 1905, the name Autocar became a registered trademark. 1930s Autocar built a wide range of medium and heavy trucks for loads of 3 to 12 tons plus a heavy-duty 4x4, the DC10044 In 1953, following a downturn in the United States truck market. Autocar was laken over by White Trucks. Production nas transferred to a new factory at Exton, Pennsylvania. From that point on Autocar concentrated on heavy-duty trucks tailored to customers requirements and their name became synonymous with high-powered trucks for logging, mining and heavy haulage. In 1974 Autocar production was transferred from Exton to a new plant in Ugden, Utah. New models with a stronger White influence appeared, such as the Construcktor 2 which featured a White Road Boss cab. In 1980 the White Motor Corporation went into receivership and Volvo of Sweden stepped in to purchase the company, which then became the Volvo White Truck Corporation. Autocar trucks continued to be marketed by tlie new organization and, as well as their heavy-duty machines, a new highway truck, the AT64F, was launched. This was aimed at the owner operator. A joint venture between Volvo and GMC trucks was announced in 1986, at a time when General Motors were pulling out of heavy truck production. The resulting organization was called Volvo White GMC. The Autocar name was still retained and in late 1987 a new model, the White GMC Autocar, aimed at the construction industry, was launched. This was offered in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6 and 8x4 form. Since 1995 the White GMC name has been dropped and Autocar has become Volvo Autocar. Volvo Trucks North America, the company's official title since 1997, continues to offer five basic Autocar models, two 4x2s and three 6x4s, all of which are powered by Volvo diesels.

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