Andoria Andoria Honker 2324 - модель автомобил€ произведенного компанией Andoria

DZT Honker, Tarpan Honker, Daewoo Honker, Andoria Honker and Intrall Honker 4x4 - is a Polish multi-purpose all-terrain pick-up truck. Created in 1984, it is still in production in a variety of models. It is best known as the light truck used by the Polish Army both at home and in Iraq. Apart from the army and police forces, the company to own the largest number of Honkers is the KGHM company, which uses them to transport miners underground.
KGHM Polska Miedz (KGHM Kombinat Gorniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi Polish Copper) (WSE: KGH) is one of the largest producers of copper and silver in the world. The mining & metallurgy company is based in Poland in Lubin. KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. owns shares in 33 entities, operating in various production and service-related areas.
KGHM is one of the largest Polish exporters, the largest employer in Lower Silesia, and a significant part of the WIG20 index. The Company generates enormous profits, and holds a strategic interest for the Polish economy. The year 2007 saw record results in the production of electrolytic copper Ц 532,974 t Ц and of metallic silver Ц 1,215 t, and above all a record profit Ц nearly PLN 3.8 billion and a future promising steady growth and an increase in the value of the Company. The company is a sponsor of tennis player Lukasz Kubot.
On 6 December 2011, KGHM acquired Canadian Quadra FNX Mining, now KGHM International Ltd.
Honker vehicles serial production was delayed in 2007 because of the EURO3 pollution standard passed and the fact that the military sector had not requested a better standard. Fortunately in 2010 serial production was restarted and the Honker received the new Andoria ADCR engine in both EURO4 and EURO5 pollution standards.
The DZT Company, which restarted Honker production, implemented many improvements. The most significant is the change of engine to Andoria ADCR, which is a heavy duty engine with the minimum of computer controlling. Optionally there is the available ZMZ 2.7 engine, which offers gasoline optional solution to the customer. ZMZ engines are determined for compressed gas conversion.
There is very important news in that Honker now offers detachable front wheel drive. Honker 2000 sold until 2007 offered only permanent all wheel drive with reduced gears and central differential lock. Today, the Honker is able to drive 2WD on the road, and 4WD anywhere else where needed. This makes Honker a faster and better drivable vehicle at the road and in the cities.
Many customers will be happy with the availability of air conditioning, optionally the Webasto additional heater is available. The DZT Company also introduced a lot of new design features which were originally designed for the military Ц double generator, military cloth interior, two fuel tanks, special holders for guns, and many others.

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