Aljaba The Aljaba was originally developed in 1982 by a company Ц Kynos Ц which normally builds civilian construction equipment and had not until that point built military vehicles. The Aljaba is used by the Spanish armed forces; it is also used by South Africa, but called by SANDF the Cavallo. The Aljaba is one of SpainТs primary tank transporters; in South Africa, it is used more as a tank recovery vehicle instead of tank transportation, though vehicle transportation is not unknown, as well as the towing of other types of semi-trailers.

The Kynos Aljaba (8 x 8) tractor truck was originally developed as a private venture by Kynos SA, commencing in 1982 - Kynos SA, which no longer trades, was a subsidiary of the Agroman Group and normally specialised in construction equipment. The Spanish Ministry of Defence provided some funding and one prototype and three pre-series vehicles were produced. The Spanish Army carried out field trials with one vehicle in May 1985, near Toledo. The first two production vehicles were delivered to the Spanish Marines during mid-1987 with another vehicle going to the Spanish Army in the same year. In total some 10 vehicles have been delivered to Spanish Armed Forces.A single vehicle with a Spanish-produced four-axle semi-trailer was supplied to the UAE for extensive trials, although no orders have yet been placed.It is understood that prior to its liquidation, Kynos SA received an order for Aljaba tractor trucks from Iran. No vehicles are known to have been produced or delivered.It was announced, in November 2003, that Group Servicios Y Proyectos Avanzados (SPA) had acquired the assets, technology and contracts of Kynos SA.This Aljaba was selected by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) as their tank transporter, named the Cavallo.
The Aljaba (Quiver) was designed to tow and retrieve MBTs up to a weight of 60,000 kg. It is built on a flexible rectangular chassis that is resistant to the stresses imparted when travelling over uneven terrain. The chassis is reinforced by longitudinal members with special cross-members attached. A swing-arm suspension with leaf springs and trailing arms is employed. The forward control cab is formed from a steel frame mounted on elastic shock-absorbers and has seating for the driver, crew member and three passengers.The Aljaba is powered by a Deutz 19-litre V-12 turbocharged diesel and uses a ZF semi-automatic gearbox with torque converter. All four Rockwell (now ArvinMeritor) 13,000 kg axles are driven, the front two being steered with power assistance. Each wheel hub has a planetary reduction gear and each pair of axles can be pneumatically locked. The dual-circuit pneumatic brakes act on all wheels and the brake circuits are also used to provide air for the de-icing, protection and alarm systems. An air take-off is provided each side of the vehicle for tyre inflation. The special 24.00R 20.5XS-PR16 tyres may be fitted with chains for extra traction and the spare wheel is provided with handling gear.For recovery the Aljaba is equipped with two 25,000 kg winches with 26 mm cable that normally operate to the rear, but the left-hand winch cable may be routed forward using a pulley fixed to the chassis. Operating speed is 8 m/min.

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