AWD Bedford
The Bedford trucks site was sold to David John Bowes Brown (entrepreneur) in 1987 and the new trucks business was named AWD Trucks.
The AWD TK (a rebadged and modernised version of the Bedford TK / MK range) was also produced and supplied to the British Military.
There remain around 7000 Bedford and AWD vehicles in service with the British military.
The AWD name was used as GM would only allow the use of the Bedford name for military trucks.
David John Bowes Brown was the designer in 1973 of the then DJB D250 Articulated Dump Truck, built in Peterlee, England, by DJB Engineering Ltd.
DJB was renamed Artix in 1985 when the trucks were rebadged as Caterpillar.
Artix itself was sold to Caterpillar in 1996.
Due to cheaper competition and the virtual collapse of the UK market in which AWD competed in 1989/90, the company went into receivership in 1992 and was bought by dealer network Marshall of Cambridge.
The firm being sold to Cat in 1996.

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