ARIS A.R.I.S. - Applicazioni Rielaborazioni Impianti Speciali has been working in the field of design, production and maintenance of special vehicles, systems and fittings-out for more than 35 years.

ARIS was established in 1946 in San Maurizio Canavese and relocated in 1969 in Lombardore, close to Turin International Airport. ARIS achieved a remarkable position in the service field and special product manufacturing, such as:
Х special all terrain and amphibious wheeled and tracked vehicles
Х tactical and logistic power systems
Х vehicles for specific aeronautical use
Х special fittings on wheeled/tracked vehicles for civil and/or military use
Х transformation and/or upgrading of military vehicles and/or conversion to civil use
Х engineering and logistic support for system of its own production and/or in service with the customer.

¬недорожные траспортные средства
(Land Locomotion Ц Mechanical Vehicle Mobility LL-MVM)
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