was started in 1955 in Addicks, Texas by Mr. David Crowell under the name of Applied Research And Development Company. A Branch office was opened in Lafayette, Louisiana on November 2, 1956. At this time Ardco manufactured its own equipment and was strictly in the rental business with no purchases offered. Primary equipment being built and offered for rent were the Model F - 4X4 Buggy, Model G - 4X4 Buggy and Mobil Camps mounted on Barge type trailers that could be towed behind buggies. Rentals were primarily to the Seismic Industry in the GulfCoast region and a few foreign countries. On August 29, 1969, Ardco was acquired by Falcon Seaboard Drilling Company. It was at this time that the Model K Buggy was developed for the rental fleet and also marketed for sales in the U.S. and many foreign countries. Over the years, Ardco has maintained offices in Laurel, Mississippi, Longview, Texas and Edmonton, Canada. On November 2, 1978, an agreement was signed where Diamond Shamrock Corporation would acquire Falcon Seaboard Company and manufacturing and office facilities were moved from Addicks to Houston, Texas. In 1980, a group headed by Mr. Louis Ardis, who was President of Ardco at the time, purchased the company from Diamond Shamrock Corporation. It was at this time that Ardco began diversifying and began building equipment for the Wood Logging industry, Construction, Geotechnical industry and also entered into the contract drilling business for oil exploration. In 1985, Ardco acquired GEMCO Equipment, who at that time was its major competitor. GEMCO equipment is still being manufactured along with the line of Ardco equipment. In the mid 1980Тs, due to the tremendous slowdown in oil exploration, Ardco got out of the Drilling operation and closed the branch offices at Longview, Texas and Laurel, Mississippi. In 1989, Ardco was acquired by Pettibone Corporation. In the year 2000 as a cost savings move, ArdcoТs Houston, Texas facility was closed and all Geophysical related business, and Buggy manufacturing was moved to the Lafayette, Louisiana location. The manufacturing and sales of Rough Terrain Fork Lifts which the Houston, Texas facility was engaged in at the time was moved to Pettibone's Baraga, Michigan location. Today, Ardco remains a Division of Pettibone/Traverse Lift, LLC, with one location in Lafayette, Louisiana, while maintaining a sales office in Houston, Texas. Ardco equipment can be found working all over the United States and many foreign countries.

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