AGCO direct lineage is from the Allis-Chalmers brand name.
Allis-Chalmers was created on May 8, 1901 when the Edward P. Allis Company, Fraser & Chalmers, Gates Iron Works and Dickson Mfg merged. Each of the founding companies were engaged in America's industrial revolution.
The Edward P. Allis Company was founded in 1861 when Edward Allis a wealthy tannery owner purchased the The first MF 4wds gave MF a new horse power range but during the early 1970's the competition was strong. In 1971 John Deere introduced its first in house 4wd since the 8020 was dropped in 1962. Steiger lead the way in 4wd production with a series of 4wds offering 170 hp to nearly 300 hp. International Harvester offered both a rigid frame and articulated 4wd. Minneapolis-Moline introduced a second 4wd called the A4T-1600 and Oliver also released the M-M 4wds as the 2455 and 2655. Massey did not want to fall behind competition and its engineers upgrade to the 1000 series to the 1005 models. The Masse-Ferguson 1505 and 1805 offered more horse power, adjustable tread widths and an optional rear pto.
The 70's were the golden era of 4wd development. Many brands entered the market to fill out their tractor lines. Allis-Chalmers, Ford and International Harvester outsourced to Steiger to offer articulated high horse power models. Other tractors like Case, John Deere and White modernized their designs for extra power and operator comfort. Big Bud, Steiger and Versatile took the horse power race to a whole new level with 760 hp, 650 hp and 600 hp prototype models, respectively. Massey-Ferguson knew it had to match its competitors or it would be an also ran. MF set its sites on the general 4wd market in the 225 hp to 400 hp market.
In 1978 the Massey-Ferguson Brantford, Ontario plant began producing the 4000 series 4wds. These new 4000's were bigger than anything Massey-Ferguson had offered before. The smallest model rated a 225 hp and the largest 375 hp. MF spent seven years researching and designing the 4000 series. The models included the 4800, 4840, 4880 and 4900. Massey-Ferguson was quick to point out the 4000's were not a retread from the early 70's like many of their competitors. The 4000's are the best known MF 4wds and were a real match to any 4wd of the day. In fact many 4000 are still working land today after more than 20 years in the field.
AGCO got its start in 1990 with the purchase of Deutz Allis Corporation from German-based Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG. KHD, in turn, had purchased the Allis-Chalmers agricultural equipment business five years earlier. Since that time, AGCO, the industry consolidators, has become a worldwide farm machinery company through market growth and strategic acquisitions. Today, with sales of approximately $3 billion. AGCO brand products are sold in more than 140 countries by over 8,000 dealerships and markets 22 brands with over a millennium of combined heritage.
4wd tractors have a 76 year heritage in the AGCO Corporation. AGCO traces its tractor roots back to the Hart-Parr Oil-Pull tractors. Hart-Parr became part of the Oliver company in the 1920's. Also in the 1920's Massey-Harris purchased Wallis tractors makers of the first 4wd. In the 1950's Massey-Harris joined with Henry Ferguson to form Massey-Ferguson. In the 1960's Oliver became part of the White Motor Company which later acquired Minneapolis-Moline and Cockshutt. Oliver Green, Minneapolis-Moline Yellow and Cockshutt Red were merged in 1975 under White Silver. During the 1980's White joined forces with the well known implement company New Idea under Allied-Products. In 1986 the long time orange brand Allis-Chalmers was purchased by Deutz-Fhar and became Deutz-Allis. In 1990 Deutz-Allis was purchased by the newly formed Allis-Gleaner Company (AGCO). AGCO began selling AGCO-Allis tractors and Gleaner Combines. In 1993 AGCO purchased the White-New Idea brand. In 1994 AGCO acquired the Massey-Ferguson brand along with McConnel-Marc 4wds. In 2002 AGCO purchased the Caterpillar Challenger tracked tractor line. Today AGCO offers the industries largest horse power tractors under the Challenger name.

In 1994, AGCO purchased McConnell tractors leading to the development of the AGCOSTAR articulated tractor line. AGCO purchased the worldwide holdings of Massey Ferguson in the same year. AGCO-Star 4wds were produced from 1995-2002. The 360 hp 8360 and 425 hp 8425 AGCO-Star 4wds were available with both Cummins and Detroit-Diesel engines through 1998. From 1999-2002 only Cummins engines were available. The Challenger MT800 tracked tractors took over high horse power in the AGCO line in 2002. The AGCO-Star was sold in the White brands silver and the Massey-Ferguson brands red.

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