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ADE ADE Products Pty Ltd - австралийский изготовитель оборудования для горнодобывающей и тяжелой промышленности. ADE Products Pty Ltd is an all Australian manufacturer of equipment for mining and heavy industry. The company’s focus is the manufacture of specialised equipment to suit our clients individual needs. Products as diverse as low loaders and underground conveyor brakes have been produced by the company to date. A common thread throughout the product range is the use of components with a proven track record that are already in the mining industry spare parts chain. We have made extensive use of components such as those from Caterpillar® in many of the machines produced to date. This allows our clients to use the equipment suppliers’ extensive spare parts networks to maintain their machines. The Company recognises that mining is a harsh industry placing extreme demands on equipment used in this challenging environment. All equipment produced by ADE Products is designed to cope with the extreme overload and fatigue environments experienced in this sector. The Company prides itself on the design of innovative equipment to address specialist needs. As an example, to address the problem of short transmission and drive train life on coal haulers due to steep pit inclines ADE Products designed a hydrostatic drive for the trailer wheels of the hauler. By sharing the load between the prime mover and trailer the drive was able to address the component life problems and also improve the machines productivity.

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